Directed by:
Duane Graves and Justin Meeks
Produced by:
Greeks Productions and Kitchen Sink Productions
Written by:
Kim Henkel and Jonathan Swift
Karrie Cox, Ali Faulkner, Marilyn Burns, Edwin Neal

BONEBOYS is a gut-wrenching, non-stop roller coaster ride through the hellish underbelly of inner-city America. The story begins with a birthday celebration at an upscale restaurant that sets in motion events that bring Sissy (ALI FAULKNER), her brother Mikey (PHILLIP WOLF) and friends Kenny (MATT HENSARLING) and Barbie (TORY TOMPKINS) face to face with the macabre world of the BONEBOYS.

Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s cannibalistic tale “A Modest Proposal,” the Boneboys are international predators who deal in human flesh – dead or alive- and their hunting grounds are the cities of the world. Who will be next?


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“Kim Henkel’s most accomplished work to date; BUTCHER BOYS (BONEBOYS) is an exercise in absolute depravity much like TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, but without the baggage and structure attached to that franchise. In fact, this film existence goes to show you that Kim Henkel has some bite left in him.”


“A relentless 90 minute chase through a dark and scary urban landscape where every turn exposes some whacked out creepizoid associated with this cannibalistic conglomerate; BUTCHER BOYS (BONEBOYS) is a pretty good movie with a lot of tension and plenty of jump scares to keep you interested.”


“Ali Faulkner, who portrays Sissy, is absolutely brilliant. She’s the kind of Scream Queen you look for. She’s reasonable and fast thinking; tough but vulnerable; determined despite meager chances of survival. And holy hell do her facial expressions tell the tale well. She blends fantastic verbal work with strong physical support.”


“Brutal, dark and relentless.”

- Horror 101