THE PARANORMAL DIARIES: CLOPHIL gets cudos from Jerry Smith of www.iconsoffright, comparing the filmmaking style to WILLOW CREEK, DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN, THE DEVIL INCARNATE and the upcoming CREEP, saying it

“… makes for one hell of a scary film.”

You can read the full review, here


goFarGO FAR was recently mentioned in Forbes Magazine, in an article which profiles the inspirational life of former Muscular Distrophy poster child, Christopher Rush.  See interview with filmaker, Zack Arnold and read more about Christopher’s story here.

Over the weekend, Phil Wheat of gave THE SCRIBBLER 5 out of 5 stars for the film’s recent March 1st world premiere at Frighfest Glasgow, saying that the sci-fi thriller “is a superb blend of science fiction and traditional murder-mystery that, when all’s said and done, turns out to be one the best superhero origin movies committed to celluloid.”

To read the full review of THE SCRIBBLER, click HERE


Imagination Worldwide is pleased to announce that THE SCRIBBLER will be celebrating its world premiere at the UK Film4 FrightFest next week!

THE SCRIBBLER will premiere at Glasgow FrightFest on Saturday, March 1st, at 1.30PM. For details on this year’s UK Film4 FrightFest, please visit their website HERE.


The political internet thriller THE LIST was just released on DVD in Germany by Tiberius Film under the name THE DEATH LIST – NO. 1 DIES. Written and Directed by Palme d’Or nominee Klaus Huettmann, THE LIST stars Sienna Guillory (RESIDENT EVIL), Anthony Flanagan (“Being Human”) and Bill Patterson (“Law & Order: UK”). The story follows Christopher Corwin, a family man in his mid 30s who owns a small advertising agency. A court case he had recently lost has shown him the rich and powerful always win! That is why Christopher creates the website THE LIST. On this site, users can label corrupt individuals in public life and award them points as to how much of a menace they are. The result is a list of politicians, CEOs and bankers. The website quickly becomes a worldwide success but suddenly, whoever is number one on THE LIST appears murdered and public opinion starts to turn against Christopher.