stuck final
Comedy Romance
Directed by:
Stuart Acher
Produced by:
Stuck Productions
Written by:
Stuart Acher
Joel David Moore, Madeline Zima, Jayson Blair, Evie Thompson

Guy walks into a bar… No, seriously.

This is the story of GUY, in his early 30′s who is yet to be able to handle a mature relationship, who walks into a bar and takes home HOLLY. A serial monogamist on a mission that she is not ready for- a one-night stand. The Morning After…the sun rises, eyes open and brains = bricks. Holly’s never done this before and Guy swore to never do it again; their AM cocktail is a tart mix of headache, regret, and AWKWARD.

​Guy offers to drive Holly to her car back at the bar — an innocent if not misplaced gesture of chivalry, given the circumstances. Through a hangover haze, Holly doesn’t see the harm. Little did either of them know they would find themselves stuck in dead-stop traffic. As their faded sexual attraction slowly builds into an emotional interest, we are non-sequentially taken through the paces of the previous night’s primal hookup – piecing together the puzzle of why they are where they are and the surprise of where it might lead them.

​STUCK is the story of what happens now… When Guy meets Girl, Guy sleeps with Girl, but then Guy and Girl are then forced to actually get to know each other.




Audience Award Winner, Sun Valley Film Festival 2013

Grand Jury Prize Winner for Madeline Zima’s Performance, Napa Valley Film Festival 2012

Centerpiece Film Selection, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2012

Official Dramatic Selection, San Luis Obispo Film Fest 2013




STUCK is a rush of pure honesty, a dash of feeling, an unfiltered romantic and sincere respite to the robotic and desensitized films Hollywood continues to churn out. Miraculously, Stuart Acher, in his directorial debut, has managed to tackle 21st century romanticism with none other than real people.



It’s easy to see why Stuart Acher’s STUCK won Audience Award at the recent Sun Valley Film Festival (SVFF). This vehicular narrative—which, in mood, is 180° away from SVFF’s “other” stuck-in-a-car film Craters of the Moon—froths up its meet cute into a satisfying love story with a warm upbeat ending. It’s an entertaining and honest romance from start to finish. 

- The Evening Class