The List
Directed by:
Klaus Huettmann
Produced by:
Patrick Fischer, Michael Knowles
Written by:
Klaus Huettmann
Sienna Guillory, Anthony Flanagan, Nigel Planer, Bill Paterson

Christopher Corwin (ANTHONY FLANAGAN), a family man with a wife (SIENNA GUILLORY) and two young daughters who owns a small advertising agency. A court case he had recently lost has shown him that the rich and powerful always win!

That is why Christopher creates the website, THE LIST. On this site, users can label corrupt individuals in public life and award them points as to how much of a menace they are. THE LIST is meant to be a social corrective. To his surprise, the website quickly catches on and becomes a worldwide success.

Teddy Rove (NIGEL PLANER), a former scientist now living as a hermit, knows that THE LIST will only work with a manifest threat behind it. He sees Christopher as his idol- and THE LIST as his life’s destiny! Driven by a messianic zeal and a sick sense of justice, Rove starts executing whomever is number one on THE LIST. A series of cold-blooded murders rock the country.

Under the guise of “morality” Christopher and his family become hounded by the press and police, causing them to flee the city. Christopher himself becomes a murder suspect and is hunted by the authorities. At the same time, his ranking on THE LIST is steadily increasing.

To put an end to the killings and to clear his name, Christopher needs to provoke a confrontation with Rove. He manipulates THE LIST so that he himself is voted number one and tries to initiate a plan that will help him overpower Rove. The plan fails and Christopher meets Rove face-to-face, alone and with no back-up. The “creator” finally meets his “disciple”