Action Animation Sci-Fi
Directed by:
James Farr
Executive Produced by:
John Frank Rosenblum
Produced by:
Cindi Rice
Written by:
James Farr
Geoff Edwards, Michelle Fairney, and Alison Rupert

Unable to die…
Unable to kill….

What if a Zombie had a mind of it’s own? Where would it go? What would it feel? And would if carry a 30l-pound shovel?

Xombie: Dead on Arrival followsDirge, a mortally challenged monster with muscles to spare. Armed with reason, and impervious to death, he will face unspeakable horror on his way to reunite a lost little girl with her family. Can he protect a single living soul from certain death? Can he outrun the nebulous forces behind the Zombie plague?

And, most importantly, if a monster saves a human life, is it truly a monster after all?



 A great story, full of monsters and quick one-liners and more than a little heart.

-Johnny Butane, Dread Central


One of the best online animated series to date.
-Mr. Disgusting, Bloody Disgusting


Epic undead Sci-Fi with plenty of dark humor and action.
-Dave Alexander, Rue Morgue Magazine


Xombie is a web phenomenon!
-Tony Timpone, Fangoria Magazine